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Alcohol and Drug Treatment @ New Hope Recovery

Our philosophy at New Hope Recovery Center is that the disease of alcoholism and other dependencies are
treatable conditions. Additionally there is hope for continuous and lasting recovery from that hopeless state of body and mind
that result from active alcoholism or addiction.

We believe that each person recovers holistically when they have an individualized treatment plan which is formulated by our
multi-disciplinary staff with input from the patient. Each patient should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. We
believe that being part of the group dynamic that supports other men and women in their journey to become clean and sober offers
the opportunity to experience a healthy community. At New Hope Recovery Center, we believe that every person that comes through
our doors brings to us not only their substance abuse or chemical dependency issues, but also the circumstances and life
experiences that give them their own individuality. In this manner the patient’s physical, emotIonal, psychological and
spiritual aspects of their lives are addressed.

Our primary objective is to provide the highest qualify care possible which is also cost efficient that does not exclude
because of high cost of services. Most importantly, at New Hope Recovery Center, our hope for every client is that they
utilize the tools they are given in treatment here to once again or for the first time in their lives become the human being
they wish to be.

Our treatment philosophy encompasses the principals of 12 step programs such as AA, and and Alanon which
allow the patient to come to a new meaning of experiencing a “spiritual self” and begin to understand how to help others. One
of our greatest joys will be accompanying you on your journey forward into recovery and watch you return to New Hope Recovery
Center as an alumnus and give a helping hand of understanding to the newer patients beginning their path to recovery.

New Hope Recovery Center is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, located at Lincoln Park Hospital in Chicago,
Illinois (IL). New Hopes staff of addiction recovery professionals include certified addiction counselors, doctors
specializing in addiction counseling, family therapist, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers and other
treatment professionals that include adult women and men. We provide drug addiction treatment to adults 18 and over, males,
females, and counseling to parents, spouses, siblings and other family members involved in the lives of our patients.
We have been successful to help alcoholics and drug addicts suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction from drugs that
include alcohol, meth “speed”, cocaine and other stimulants, narcotic opiates such as heroin, methadone, oxyContin®,
vicodin®, and other narcotic painkillers, and sedative benzodiazepines. New Hope is a successful drug rehab center offering
the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment with a high success rate. New Hope drug rehab center will help the alcoholic
and drug addict re-acquire the ethics and morals that once existed before drugs entered into their lives.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Recovery Staff and Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors

About Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center, Rehabilitation Treatment Programs for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

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