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Drug Rehab

drug rehab services at new hope.Drug Rehab

New Hope Recovery Center is located in Lincoln Park Hospital, Chicago, IL. We host a highly effective alcohol and drug rehab program designed to free patients from the dark abyss of drug and alcohol addiction and allow them to resume a healthy, productive life.

Drug rehabilitation or “rehab” describes the process of medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on alcohol and/or drugs. The goal of treatment is to enable a patient to stop substance abuse and to avoid the life problems that accompany extreme abuse.

Drug rehab treatments focus on both physical and psychological dependency. Physical drug rehab treatment concentrates on the management of the symptoms of withdrawal. Psychological dependency treatment addresses a patients behavior, life-style and attitudes toward themselves and others. Patients are encouraged to develop new ways of living in the world and to change habits which contributed to their addictions.

Participation in twelve-step programs encourage patients to effectively analyze their habits and behaviors and teaches that recovery is a live-long process.

New Hope offers residential 28-day drug rehab programs, outpatient programs, local support groups and extended-care sober living.

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