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Welcome To New Hope Recovery Addiction Tretament Center in Chicago Illinois

Welcome to New Hope Recovery Center in Lincoln Park, Chicago’s Comprehensive Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center.

New Hope Recovery Center offers innovative residential, inpatient, residential day treatment and outpatient alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation. We offer detoxification services within Lincoln Park Hospital, and we are also an addiction treatment provider. Our programs are designed to meet the specialized needs of persons suffering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction or substance abuse. We believe that recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is possible, even in very late stages.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Residential and Outpatient Treatment Program Chicago, Illinois

Patients at New Hope might have a single drug of choice or be cross-addicted to more than one substance. These substances include legal drugs such as alcohol and prescription narcotics (vicodin, oxycontin and antianxiety drugs such as valium and ativan) as well as illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, meth, methadone, methamphetamines, stimulants, ecstasy, club drugs, inhalants or other dangerous controlled substances.

THC’s effects last only a few hours, but remnants of it might linger in the body for weeks or months.

Depending on whether urine, blood, or hair follicles are checked, you could fail a drug test 30 to 90 days after consuming marijuana. Hemp and other marijuana-based products, unlike THC, will not cause you to fail a drug test. THC concentration and frequency of usage are two factors that influence how long marijuana stays in your system.

Because THC is stored in fat, it is affected by body weight, exercise, and metabolism.

New Hope’s drug treatment staff of counselors, licensed social workers, psychiatrists, addiction medicine specialists and nurses is dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of each patient individually. Counselors work with clients as well as family members to make the changes needed to maintain a life free from alcohol and drugs.

Drug rehabilitation programs at New Hope Recovery provide education on substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction and chemical dependency, as well as the necessary emotional and spiritual support for recovery. We feel it is important for each patient to understand the symptoms and progression of substance abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. Patients at New Hope are able to better understand how the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction have affected their lives as well as the lives of those around them. All New Hope patients participate in both one-on-one counseling and small group sessions focused on recovery oriented issues. Our program has an emphasis on spirituality, compassion, accountability and lifestyle change. Drug Rehab can be the beginning of a new, productive and sober life.

extended care halfway half-way houses are the key to your recovery from alcohol or drug addictionOutpatient Treatment Program in a Sober Living Environment
Transitional Housing, Halfway Houses, and Sober Living Homes

We have recently designed a continuing-care / aftercare, outpatient rehabilitation program for adult men and women who have completed our residential inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program and plan on staying in Chicago Illinios (IL) to practice a sober lifestyle.

The residential day and outpatient treatment programs, extended care housing, and sober living homes are also for individuals who may not require intensive alcoholism and drug addiction counseling and medical services provided in residential drug rehabs and treatment centers. Outpatient treatment also serves as a suitable alternative to drug rehabs and residential treatment centers. Early outpatient treatment and sober living works well for some alcoholics, drug addicts and individuals serious about recovery.

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New Hope Recovery Center
is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, located in Chicago, Illinois (IL). New Hopes staff of addiction recovery professionals include certified addiction counselors, doctors specializing in addiction counseling, family therapist, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers and other treatment professionals that include adult women and men. We provide drug addiction treatment to adults 18 and over, males, females , and counseling to parents, spouses, siblings and other family members involved in the lives of our patients. We have been successful to help alcoholics and drug addicts suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction from drugs that include alcohol, meth “speed”, cocaine and other stimulants, narcotic opiates such as heroin, methadone, oxyContin®, vicodin®, and other narcotic painkillers, and sedative benzodiazepines. New Hope is a successful drug rehab center offering the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment with a high success rate. New Hope drug rehab center will help the alcoholic and drug addict re-acquire the ethics and morals that once existed before drugs entered into their lives

New Hope Recovery Center

Intake and assessment Office
2451 North Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Illinois (IL) 60614

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