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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Programs for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Residential Inpatient Treatment Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program

Our 28 day residential alcohol and drug treatment program focuses on addressing and helping to resolve the
factors that contribute to alcoholism and drug addiction, and not just their symptoms. Patients participate in education lectures
and treatment counseling in both one-on-one and small group settings. Additional activities such as yoga, introduction to spiritual
principles of recovery and the importance of ongoing 12-Step meeting or support group are a important elements of our alcohol and
drug treatment programs. Upon completion of the 28 day residential treatment and rehabilitation program, addicts and alcoholics
are transitioned into a six-month continuing-care intensive outpatient treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program

Designed as both a continuing-care aftercare program for men and women who have completed residential
alcohol and drug treatment program and for individuals who may not require the structure and medical services provided in
residential treatment. Outpatient treatment can also serve as a suitable alternative to residential treatment in early
treatment of alcoholism and or drug addictione for some individuals. IOP is also intended for individuals whose occupational
or family environments are still intact, and who demonstrate a high degree of motivation to become clean and sober. IOP meets
evenings Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays for family groups.

Recomended for individuals who require a level of care less than that of Intensive Inpatient Treatment but still need
adequate support systems in their day-to-day lives. Also designed for addicts and alcoholics who completed the intensive
outpatient treatment program. Recovering tddicts and alcoholics are transitioned from the 28 day intensive inpatient Treatment
into the six-month continuing care intensive outpatient rehabiltation treatment program.

Sober Living Homes, Halfway Houses, Outpatient Transitional Housing Program

Similar to “transitional living” or “sober living” programs, this component is focused on providing a supportive environment
for individuals who have completed primary or residential treatment for chemical dependency or drug abuse or drug addiction.
Clients live in a communal environment while continuing to pursue their careers and / or education, and attend outpatient
treatment, counseling, and 12-Step meetings.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Programs

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