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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Schedule

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Schedule
Spiritual Drug Rehab Center for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Many individuals enter rehab entirely unsure of what to expect from the
experience. We have provided this typical daily schedule to give some idea
of what life is like for patients in residential rehab.

7:00 am Wake Up
Rehab patients wake up and get ready to start the day.

7:30 am Breakfast
Patients leave rehab unit to eat a community break fast in the cafeteria.

8:00 am Community Meeting
Patients meet as a community to discuss environmental needs, community issues, individual goals and other general topics.

9:00 am Lecture
In rehab, patients attend lectures about a variety of topics related to drug and alcohol addiction. These are interactive lectures with room for personal reflection and discussion.

10:15 am Addiction Group
Addiction group gives patients a chance to take an in depth look at how dependency on drugs and/ or alcohol has impacted their lives. Patients share homework assignments with one another to get supportive feedback from peers and counselors. This is also a time for sharing the difficulties and successes of daily life in rehab with the community.

11:20 am Lunch
After a full morning, patients leave the rehab facility to eat lunch together in the cafeteria.

12:00 pm Individual Counseling
After lunch, patients have time to complete homework assignments. This time is also allotted for one – on – one work with an individual counselor. While rehab patients spend most of their time in community, supporting one another, it is also important that their specialized needs are met. Through individual counseling, patients have a chance to explore issues that will impact their recovery from addiction.

1:30 pm Addiction History Group
One of the most impactful parts of rehab is a form of narrative therapy called an “addiction history.” This group is time for two patients to share their personal battle with drugs and / or alcohol. Each patient has a significant amount of time to work on his or her addiction history before sharing it with the community. This is a powerful, therapeutic group.

3:30 pm 12-Step Orientation
During this time, volunteers from local twelve step meetings give an overview of what patients can expect from meetings. Patients who have completed rehab usually report that these integrative groups made an important difference in their recovery. Connecting with other recovering people is a unique opportunity that puts gives patients a chance to see how recovery works.

5:30 pm Dinner
By this time, patients are ready to eat dinner together and prepare for evening activities.

7:00 pm Yoga
Yoga give patients a chance to stretch their bodies and center themselves. Most rehab patients have little prior experience with yoga. Our instructors work with each patient at his or her own level to ensure comfort and safety. They also discuss ways to integrate yoga and meditation into daily living in recovery.

9:00 pm Meditation Group
To close the day, patients meet in community for a nightly meditation. This group instills a process of self reflection on the day and the goals set earlier. It allows for individual spiritual growth as well as support from peers. It is a relaxing group, prepares patients for a restful night.

10:30 pm Lights Out
Patients retire to their rooms to get some much needed sleep.