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Alcohol and Drug Treatment at New Hope Recovery

Alcohol and Drug Treatment at New Hope Recovery

New Hope Recovery Center utilizes the disease model in understanding alcoholism and other drug addictions. We believe that addictions are treatable conditions, just as any other life threatening illness. Additionally, we view recovery from a twelve-step perspective. We believe that as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states, there is hope for continuous and lasting recovery from the hopeless state of body and mind that result from active alcoholism or addiction.

Each patient at New Hope Recovery Center is treated individually, with at least two customized treatment plans. Our multi-disciplinary staff develops each plan with input from patients and family members. We value respect and dignity, and this is reflected in our service. We look at each patient?s needs from a holistic perspective, addressing the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self.

The experience of living with other men and women in a healthy, therapeutic environment is especially helpful in treating the biopsychosocial disease of addiction. Peer support is essential within treatment and even more important after treatment has been completed. For this reason, we strongly encourage patients to build a support network while in treatment. The act of helping, in itself, truly treats the human spirit.

Overall, New Hope Recovery Center attempts to provide a high quality of care in cost effective manner. We continue to develop newer, better ways of providing our patients with the best tools for achieving ongoing recovery from alcoholism and addiction. If roadblocks exist, we will do our best to help and support patients to find a way to get past them. ÿ

One of our greatest joys is the ongoing return of New Hope Recovery Center alumni to the treatment center, volunteering their time to connect with current patients. For most patients, the experience of witnessing recovery in action is very valuable. If you have further questions about alcohol and drug treatment at New Hope Recovery, please contact us and come in for a tour.