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Drug Rehab Cost

Drug Rehab Cost

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and The Cost To Society

A recent study has shown that an investment in sobriety pays a return of 766%.

Researchers recently released the results of a study that shows that drug rehab costs are more than made up for by a reduction in crime and an increase in earnings by former addicts.

The study stated that for every $1.00 spent on drug treatment, society gained $7.66 in monetary benefits. Even without considering the well-being of the individual, it’s clear that spending taxpayer funds on addiction recovery is a sound investment.

The researchers compared the cost of residential and outpatient treatment against the cost to society of medical care, criminal activities, unemployment, decreases in productivity, mental illness and public aid.

Members of society who abuse drugs and alcohol consume a disproportionately large chunk of public funds spent on medical services and the judicial system.

The annual cost of drug addiction to society is estimated to be more than 250 billion dollars per year. It is also estimated that addiction to drugs and alcohol claims more than 500,000 lives per year.

The effects of addiction can be various and widespread and sometimes take decades to play themselves out. For instance, children of parents who suffer from addiction are more likely to suffer from addiction themselves. In addition they often have physical and psychological difficulties, which impact the fabric of society in a multitude of ways.