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Spirituality and Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Spirituality can perhaps be best described as the relationship we have with ourselves and can be captured by the adage, “To Thine Own Self Be True.” It’s a connection we enjoy with ourselves, fellow men and women, and ultimately with the world around us, including a god or power greater than ourselves.

The Role of Spirituality in Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Rehabilitation and Recovery

So what role does spirituality play in the recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction? Without an
spiritual inner peace and positive relationship with family and friends, and ourselves, recovery or sobriety can be an elusive
concept and way of living. If we’re unable to commune or fellowship with ourselves, it’s difficult to sustain the fellowship we
need with others. Despair, hopelessness and guilt often leads to isolation and destructiveness rather than community and
fulfillment. Studies have shown that people who live by spiritual priciples are healthier, happier, and more successful than
those not practicing a spiritual lifestyle.

Recent longitudinal studies have once again shown that attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
decreases the likelihood of relapse and increases the likelihood of sustained abstinence (Gossop, M. et al, 2003). As the
medical advances in the field of addiction continue, research which reinforces the importance of spiritual healing is
increasingly important. In this study, 120 patients were interviewed six months after completing a treatment program.
Those patients who attended AA frequently had better outcomes when compared to those who attended rarely or not at all.
Those who attended meetings had more abstinent days and greater reduction in alcohol consumption.

While the findings are hardly surprising or new, the medical field is just beginning to recognize
the significance in them. At New Hope Recovery Center, we strive to provide an environment which fosters spiritual development,
alongside psychological and physical well-being. If patients are exposed to AA meetings and permitted to explore their faith of
origin throughout treatment, they are more likely to apply those priciples and use those resources after completing alcohol and
drug treatment

We keep in mind that,”You cannot always solve a spiritual problem with a pharmacological solution.”
Even if a magical pill was developed to cure addiction, patients would still have to make the choice to take it (William, B., 2002).

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