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Spiritual Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Spiritual Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Spiritual Drug Rehab Center for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction ÿ

At New Hope Recovery Center, we strive to create an environment that fosters spiritual growth. We have no religious affiliation, and we offer lectures on the distinction between spirituality and religion. We maintain a safe space for all of our patients, allowing for peace of mind and soul. ÿ

The Role of Spirituality in Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Rehabilitation and Recovery. ÿ

Spirituality is often mentioned within the context of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Addiction puts an intense strain on the self, stripping away an individual?s inner peace as well as his or her interpersonal relationships. The internal struggle that accompanies addictive disorders prevents individuals from forming healthy external relationships. Despair, hopelessness and guilt can lead to isolation and destructiveness, rather than community and fulfillment. At New Hope, we support fellowship among recovering peers through twelve step meetings and supportive groups. In order to allow for change, addicts and alcoholics ultimately get most benefit from the mutual support of one another and /or a spiritual higher power. ÿÿ

As the medical advances in the field of addiction continue to grow, we feel it is equally important to understand the value of spirituality within the recovery process. Recent longitudinal studies have once again shown that attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings decreases the likelihood of relapse and increases the likelihood of sustained abstinence. In this study, 120 patients were interviewed six months after completing a treatment program. Those patients who attended AA frequently had better outcomes when compared to those who attended rarely or not at all. Those who attended meetings had more abstinent days and greater reduction in alcohol consumption. (Gossop, M. et al, 2003). ÿ

While the findings are hardly surprising or new, the medical field is just beginning to recognize the significance in them. At New Hope, we emphasize spiritual development alongside psychological and physical wellbeing. If patients are exposed to AA meetings and permitted to explore their faith of origin throughout treatment, they are more likely to apply those principles and use those resources after completing alcohol and drug treatment.

We keep in mind that we ?cannot always solve a spiritual problem with a pharmacological solution.” Even if a magical pill were developed to cure addiction, patients would still have to make the choice to take it (William, B., 2002). ÿÿÿÿÿ