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Vicodin Detox, Rapid Detoxification Centers
The treatment at Rapid Detox works to resolve the physical dependency on opiate based drug dependency.

Rapid Detox, Detoxification Centers
MRODS provides a safe and effective rapid detox programs from opiates, methadone, heroin, oxycontin� and a sound continuing care recovery program.

Rapid Opiate Detox Centers
Rapid Detox and Rapid Detoxificatiion is a procedure that removes active opiates from the body, through administration of the drug naltrexone.

Oxycontin Detox, Rapid Detoxification Centers
Over the past few years OxyContin � has risen out of relative obscurity to become one of the most abused drugs in the country.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment Programs
We welcome you to NEW HOPE RECOVERY CENTER, Chicago’s newest provider of innovative and comprehensive treatment services for alcoholism and drug addiction.

OxyContin® Addiction Treatment – Rapid Opiate Detox Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago
Rehabilitation, Treatment and Recovery Treatment for OxyContin� addiction varies according the needs of each individual. Rehabilitation from OxyContin

Interventions Interventionists – Helping to break the cycle of alcoholism and drug addiction
Intervention Referral is a referral organization created to help family members, employers and loved ones find quality help for those suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

Recovery Choices Foundation
Alcoholism and Addiction are the byproduct of the Pressure Cooker of Life. We offer a 21st century pathway to recovery from Alcoholism, Heroin Addiction, Oxycontin Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Sex Addiction, Food Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Eating Disorders and other self-destructive behaviors. We provide the same knowledge we acquired from years of addiction treatment experience, as well as unconditional love, that we would offer a friend or loved one. You are no longer alone.

InnerLife Wellness Center
Important information and links for Optimizing Health, Maximizing Life and Preventing Disease

Drug Rehab Programs, Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, Mental Health Services
This directory has listings of all the drug rehab programs and treatment centers, alcohol rehabilitation programs, halfway houses, sober houses, eating disorder centers and clinics, drug detoxifiction and alcohol detox centers, and drug addiction recovery related products in the country


New Hope Recovery Center
Chicago, Illinois (IL) 60614

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