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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center and Residential Treatment Programs, Chicago, Illinois

Welcome to New Hope Recovery Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Centers, Chicago Illinois’ newest
alcohol and drug treatment and recovery provider. New Hope Recovery offers innovative residential inpatient and outpatient alcohol
and drug rehabilitation treatment programs for the alcoholic and drug addict suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.

You’ll find our experienced and supportive drug treatment staff and counselors are dedicated to helping those suffering from
alcoholism and drug addiction to realize their full potentials and learn to live life productively again free from substance abuse,
alcoholism, drug addiction and chemical dependency.

Fully licensed by the State of Illinois, our 28-day drug rehab program is designed to treat the symptoms of alcoholism and drug
addiction as well as needed social adjustments and family dynamics.

Inpatient Residential Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug rehabilitation at New Hope Recovery focuses on addressing and helping to resolve the factors of
substance abuse and drug abuse that contribute to alcoholism and drug addiction, not simply symptoms. Alcoholics and drug addicts
participate in education and lectures along with addiction counseling in both one-on-one and small group settings, while in recovery.
Regardless of your drug of choice (alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, narcotic opiates like vicodin oxycontin, methadone,
methamphetamines, stimulants, ecstasy, club drugs, inhalents or any other dangerous illegal drug, prescription drug, or
controlled substances) New Hope Recovery substance abuse treatment teaches positive motivation, responsibility, spirituality
and a lifestyle free from drug and alcohol. Follow this link for information about
our Inpatient / Residential alcoholism and
drug rehabilitation treatment programs

Outpatient Treatment Program, Transitional Housing, Halfway Houses, and Sober Living Homes

We have recently designed a continuing-care / aftercare, outpatient rehabilitation program for adult men and women who have
completed our residential inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program and plan on staying in Chicago Illinios (IL) to practive
a sober lifestyle.

The outpatient treatent programs, transitional housing, and soberliving homes are also for individuals who may not require
intensive alcoholism and drug addiction counseling and medical services provided in a residential drug rehabs and treatment centers.
Outpatient treatment also serves as a suitable alternative to drug rehabs and residential treatment centers. Early outpatient
treatment and sober living works well for some alcoholics, drug addicts and individuals serious about recovery. Follow this link
for information about our Outpatient Treatment
Program, transitional housing, halfway houses, and sober living homes

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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Programs

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