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Outpatient Rehab Illinois

The most dangerous thing about drugs is that it is extremely easy to get addicted and equally challenging to become sober again. Almost impossible to achieve that goal on your own, to be honest. And this is where most people make a massive mistake by stigmatizing drug addicts as if they were in control and the only reason why they wouldn’t quit doing drugs is that they refuse to. At New Hope Recovery, we know that that’s not how things work.

The outpatient rehab in Illinois has been specially designed to cope with substance addiction either in the initial phases of the disease, when the condition has not fully developed yet or in the final stages of the rehabilitation process when the bad part has already been exorcised. In either of these cases, the intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a crucial addition to the process.

Opioids are among the most dangerous substances we know of, not because they will eventually kill you, but because they will do it slowly, methodically and surely. The chemical mechanism fueling its effects will make sure of it. Soon upon ingestion, opioids will bind to the opioid receptors present in the brain, causing the release of massive amounts of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical substance naturally produced by our brain every time we indulge in pleasurable activities, like having sex, eating chocolate, engaging in sports and so on.

This is the way our brain identifies the activities it must promote, compared to those that cause pain and suffering. And because the level of dopamine is a lot greater when consuming drugs, the craving mechanism will occur, which lies at the foundation of the addictive behavior.

Breaking the chains

So, why is the rehabilitation process so complicated? It is mainly because the substance alters brain’s chemistry. The patient can no longer be considered as responsible for his actions, which is where he will become a danger to the society – an aspect the outpatient rehab in Illinois will focus entirely on.

Becoming sober is a long and complicated process, which doesn’t guarantee the best results. The intensive outpatient rehab has to focus on a lot of aspects, including:

  • The patient’s psychological display – Drugs will change the individual at a mental level, either worsening the already existent mental conditions or creating favorable circumstances for them to develop; depression or bipolar disorder, for instance
  • The individual’s volatile behavior – The tendencies towards aggression, combined with sudden mood swings, will put everyone at risk, including the addict’s family and friends.
  • The social status of the addict – Drug addiction will erode the patient’s relations with family members, as well as with coworkers and friends, which may contribute to supporting the development of depression and deepen the psychological hole he’s in.
  • The tendency towards relapse – It is common knowledge that drug relapse is the hardest part of the rehabilitation process and the main reason why most people fail to complete it.

The outpatient rehab in Illinois, at New Hope Recovery, is often the only hope for salvation for many people who have fallen victim to drug addiction; people who need saving more than they need criticizing.  

Outpatient Rehab Illinois