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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Programs

28 Day Residential Inpatient Treatment Program
Our 28-day residential alcohol and drug treatment program focuses on the symptoms as well as the underlying issues that contribute to alcoholism and drug addiction. Patients participate in educational lectures and counseling while in treatment. Sessions take place in both one-on-one and small group settings. Additional activities include yoga, spirituality groups and outside 12-step meetings / support groups. These components are an important part of our alcohol and drug treatment program. Upon completion of the 28-day residential treatment / rehabilitation program, patients make a transition into a six-month continuing-care program. These groups, called aftercare groups, meet one time per week and focus on issues affecting addicts and alcoholics in early recovery.
Intensive Outpatient Treatment Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Program New Hope Recovery’s intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) was designed as both a continuing-care / aftercare program for men and women who have completed residential alcohol and drug treatment program as well as for individuals who may not require the structure and medical services provided in residential treatment. Outpatient treatment can also serve as a suitable alternative to residential treatment, when alcoholism or drug addiction is in its early stages. IOP treatment is intended for individuals whose occupational or family environments are supportive to recovery. Patients within the intensive outpatient program require a level of care less than that of an intensive inpatient treatment but still need adequate support systems in their day-to-day lives. IOP patients generally demonstrate a high degree of motivation to become clean and sober. The IOP program meets on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Sober Living Homes, Halfway Houses, Outpatient Transitional Housing Program
Similar to “transitional living” or “sober living” programs, this component is focused on providing a supportive environment for individuals who have completed primary or residential treatment for chemical dependency (drug abuse or drug addiction). The program can also accommodate addicts and alcoholics in recovery for at least 30 days who have completed an intensive outpatient treatment program. Clients live in a communal environment while continuing to pursue their careers and / or education, and attending outpatient treatment, individual counseling, and 12-Step meetings.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Programs Chicago Illinois (IL)

New Hope Recovery Center is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, located in Chicago, Illinois (IL). New Hopes staff of addiction recovery
professionals include certified addiction counselors, doctors specializing in addiction counseling, family therapist, consulting psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers and
other treatment professionals that include adult women and men. We provide drug addiction treatment to adults 18 and over, males, females , and counseling to parents,
spouses, siblings and other family members involved in the lives of our patients. We have been successful to help alcoholics and drug addicts suffering from alcoholism
and drug addiction from drugs that include alcohol, meth “speed”, cocaine and other stimulants, narcotic opiates such as heroin, methadone, oxyContin, vicodin,
and other narcotic painkillers, and sedative benzodiazepines. New Hope is a successful drug rehab center offering the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment with
a high success rate. New Hope drug rehab center will help the alcoholic and drug addict re-acquire the ethics and morals that once existed before drugs entered into their

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