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New Hope Recovery Center Featured on the OWN Network

New Hope Recovery Center was featured on the OWN Network.

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Iyanla: Fix My Secret Addiction

About the episode: Life coach Iyanla Vanzant travels to  Chicago to help Shannon, a 28-year-old crystal meth addict who is in denial  about the full extent and destructive power of his addiction. Shannon’s drug  abuse has led to three overdoses as well as high-risk sex, and it threatens his  life unless he can accept the gravity of the situation and get help. Iyanla also  works with Shannon’s mother, father and sister, who are concerned about him but,  in many ways, have enabled his downward spiral by supporting him financially  while he was hitting rock bottom. Before Shannon can get back on track, Iyanla  must get him to come clean to himself and his family about the full extent of  his addiction. Only after this happens can the mistrust and lies stop and the  healing begin. Iyanla shows Shannon a path to a brighter future, but ultimately  it us up to him whether he can overcome his addiction.

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