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With some states legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, it’s easy for someone in recovery to think its okay to go back to using marijuana after having not used for a period of time. It’s important for an individual to remember that no matter what the circumstances are, the behavior is almost always a bigger problem than the substance itself and the progression of addiction never stops. Abstinence based treatment has always been the most effective form of treatment and results in the highest success rates. It’s important to educate people with the facts when it comes to marijuana but it’s even more important to educate them about the disease of addiction as well as the impact marijuana use can have on recovery and treatment.

Ever hear a term used by a friend or loved one and not know what it is? Do you suspect someone may be using a drug but unsure of what substance? Below is a list of “street names” for five of the most commonly abused drugs: Oxycodone, methamphetamine, crystal meth, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. 1… read more ?

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Heavy teenage marijuana use could damage brain structures critical to memory and reasoning and the effects may be long lasting. Heavy pot use during teenage years is also connected with lower IQ.  It is well known that the human brain is not fully developed until 25-28 years of age.  Chronic or heavy pot use by.. read more ?

All too often people enter treatment for addiction from a variety of substances with the belief that marijuana is not a drug.  “Alcohol is my problem, not marijuana” or “Marijuana is not addictive” – the list of justifications people use could fill an entire page.  We have all heard the term “gateway drug” in reference.. read more ?