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New Hope Recovery Center is pleased to offer a new 8 week closed group for gay and bisexual men affected by cross addictions. For those struggling with multiple addictions, sexual compulsivity, relationships issues and/or trauma, this group will provide tools to process shame, fear and anxiety and will offer insights into the barriers that can.. read more ?

Jeff Zacharias, New Hope Recovery Center President and Clinical Director, recently spoke at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) on the Intersection of Sex, Drug and Technology. Behavioral Healthcare Magazine summarized several main points of the talk to help clinicians when working with LGBTQI clients: Social Media is the new drug dealer with the GPS phone as.. read more ?

We previously discussed the first step in the process of coming out, self acceptance.  Once someone accepts that they are in fact LGBTQ, they are then faced with a situation that no other group of people faces…how, when, where and to whom do they disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity?  Most people in our.. read more ?