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Help For Parents

Help For Parents

Help for Parents

Parents today do not have it easy.  Drugs seem to be more common and more dangerous.  New Hope Recovery Center understands the stress and worry parents have and we have geared our treatment to involve parents in the addiction treatment.

We have also written a number of articles to help parents.  We are here to answer any questions you may have and to share our experience.

Finding Treatment for Addiction

5 Questions to Ask About Treatment
Prescription Drug Rehab
Chicago Rehab
Addiction Treatment For College Students
Finding Best Addiction Treatment in Chicago
Transitioning Back to College After Treatment
Drug Abuse Warning Signs
Long Term Impact of Drug & Alcohol on Young Adults

LGBT Youth

Loving Families Help Teens Avoid Addiction 
Coming Out and Addiction Part 1
Coming Out and Addiction Part 2
Religious Trauma and Addiction
LGBT Addiction & Recovery
Transgender Addiction Treatment
Finding Best Addiction Treatment for LGBT
LGBT Children of Alcoholics
Bisexuality and Addiction
Lesbians and Addiction
Crystal Meth and Gay Men


Teen Binge Drinking
Talking To Your Teen About Drinking
Warning Signs of Teen Drinking
Signs of Alcoholism
Warning Signs of Secret Alcoholic


Chicago Heroin Facts
Parents Beware of Chicago’s Heroin Epidemic
Heroin Use Warning Signs
Parents Guide to Prevent Heroin Addiction
Heroin Success Story

Prescription Drug Addiction

Adderall and Ritalin
Most Abused Prescription Drugs
Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse
Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction
5 Things Parents Should Know About Prescription Drug Abuse


Dangers of Teen Marijuana Use
Signs of Marijuana Use
Marijuana Addiction

Crystal Meth, Methamphetamine

Why is Meth So Addictive?
Signs of Meth Use and Addiction
Warning Signs of Meth Abuse
Crystal Meth and Gay Men

Cocaine Addiction 

Warning Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Sex Addiction

3 Levels of Sex Addiction
Signs of Sex & Love Addiction
Sex Addiction Warning Signs

Family and Addiction

Family Roles and Addiction
How Family Roles Affect Addiction
Acceptance and Addiction
Restoring Trust After Addiction Part 1
Restoring Trust After Addiction Part 2
Restoring Trust After Addiction Part 3
How Family & Friends Survive Addiction

Helping versus Over-Helping

Are You Co-Dependent?
Avoiding Triggers
Helicopter Parents
Healthy Parent Boundaries
Avoiding Peer Pressure
Characteristics of Co-Dependent
Helping Your Emerging Adult