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About New Hope Recovery Center in Chicago

Learn more about how New Hope Recovery Center can help men and women of all ages and social or economic backgrounds suffering from
drug addiction, drug abuse, chemical dependency, substance abuse, and alcoholism.

Our staff

Our staff is designed and brought together with the sole focus of helping men and women overcome the obstacles that can sometimes keep them
from discovering the path to sobriety, and representing the spirit and principals of the key 12-Step programs.

Our philosophy toward treating addiction and alcoholism

Our philosophy at New Hope Recovery Center is that the disease of alcoholism and other dependencies are treatable conditions.
Additionally there is hope for continuous and lasting recovery from that hopeless state of body and mind that result from active
alcoholism or addiction.

Spirituality and the leading role it can play in the treatment of and recovery from
addiction and alcoholism

What does it mean, how it compares to religious misconceptions, and it’s role in drug addiction treatment at New Hope Recovery
Center – Chicago?

New Hope’s Treatment Approaches

Focused on addressing and helping to resolve the factors that contribute to drug abuse, alcoholism and / or substance abuse, and not
just their symptoms.

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