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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Links Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sex addiction is one of the many process addictions. Like other process addictions, sex addiction can be co-occuring with substance abuse disorders.

When people abuse alcohol or drugs, they are taking risks with their health.  It does not take long for damage to occur to one’s brain, body, and mind.  Along with the substance itself, there are risks and dangers associated with the lifestyle of substance abusers.  Certain lifestyle risks include financial, relationship, security, career, and overall.. read more ?

Love and relationship addiction are part of the behavioral or process addictions.  Like its cousins, food addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, shopping and spending addiction, love addiction describes a set of behaviors and emotions that slowly progress and become unmanageable, often leaving an affected person depressed and suicidal.  In a society that glorifies love and.. read more ?

Are you wondering if you or a loved one is addicted to sex?  It is not always easy to determine what are healthy sexual behaviors and what constitutes sexual addiction or obsession.  The following are warning signs that could suggest sexual addiction.  Any one of these is not necessarily indicative of an addiction, however the.. read more ?

November 11, 2013 (CHICAGO) (WLS) – The ABC7 I-Team investigates easy access to drugs and sex on your smartphone. These apps show you exactly how close you are to others who want to meet up. Drug users have come up with code words to make it known they are looking for more than a date. Jeff.. read more ?

People are more connected than they have ever been – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few.  It seems that social networking for the sake of connection isn’t enough anymore.  People need to be plugged into each other 24/7 and with that there’s been a proliferation of GPS-enabled websites and apps for the purpose.. read more ?