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Sober Community

Sober Community

Having a support community is essential for successful recovery. We provide numerous forums and opportunities for our clients and alumni to build and maintain healthy support communities and relationships. We have a large network of Alumni and Volunteers that work with our clients so they can begin to build healthy prosperous relationships with recovering individuals while they are still in treatment. We also provide an on-site Al-anon meeting to provide support to the family members and loved ones of those receiving treatment. It is important that family members get the help they need because recovery is a lifestyle and the more informed you are the easier the transition will be on everyone involved.

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Helpful articles relating to the importance of sober communities:

1. “I can’t stay sober, but we can” – a slogan commonly heard in 12-step meetings and treatment centers around the globe.  A statement filled with camaraderie and unity, this slogan underlies the importance of community in both early as well as long term sobriety. One of the key components of early recovery is developing a sense of community and in turn learning to ask for help.  However, this is sometimes easier said than done.  Most alcoholics and addicts have tried countless times to kick the habit by themselves – white knuckling it alone with no support and no structure.  More often than not, relapse is the end result. Click here to read more about sober support networks and the importance it plays in recovery.

2. One overarching question exists for LGBTQIs facing addiction: “Where and how do I socialize after I get sober?” For most gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in their 20’s and 30’s, their social lives often are centered in and around bars. There is no doubt that the prevalence of alcohol and drugs in the LGBTQI Communities is rampant for all age groups.  Several studies have shown the extent of alcohol and drug use in the Community.  Higher drug and alcohol use occurs in the UK, Australia, Ireland and in the US. Click here to read more about where LGBTQIs can socialize once they are sober.