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New Hope Recovery Center (Chicago, IL), a nurturing and safe place of healing, offers innovative holistic alcohol and drug addiction treatment focusing on the whole person: mind, body and spirit.   We address the individual needs of each client and their families and treat each person with the dignity and respect they deserve.   We believe the length of treatment directly impacts the chances for long-term recovery and offer a variety of levels of care to better equip an individual to create the life they desire.  Our caring and experienced clinical staff provides the emotional, physical and spiritual healing necessary to identify the core issues that underlie the addiction and in turn create an extraordinary life of productive, balanced sober living. Check out our LGBT Treatment Program!

Here are the levels of care we offer to clients:

Medical Detoxification 

When a client comes in for an assessment, our Assessment Coordinator screens the individual in order to determine whether a medical detoxification is necessary.  As we are a standalone facility, we do not have the capability to provide medical detoxification in house.  However, we have professional relationships with nearby hospitals in the Chicago area that provide our clients with medical detoxification if deemed medically necessary.   As everyone’s body is different, it is very important at the time of the assessment to be honest and forthcoming with our treatment team when explaining your use of drugs and alcohol.  Please note:   if a medical detoxification is deemed necessary,  the cost is in addition to New Hope Recovery Center’s treatment costs.  Although some insurance companies do cover medical detoxification, those benefits are based on the plan of the individual and any restrictions/limitations they may have.

Full Day Treatment 

Full Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is the most comprehensive level of care we provide at New Hope Recovery Center.  This program allows for intensive individual work without the distractions and interruptions of daily life.  In this highly structured program,  clients reside at their home or other sober and supportive environment to ensure the best chances of success. [click for more Full Day Treatment]

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)  is suitable for individuals who live in the area (Chicago, IL) or can arrange nearby accommodations as well as maintain sobriety in their own living environment. [Click for more Intensive Outpatient Treatment]


A strong continuum of care is one of the most important aspects of successful recovery following any type of treatment program.  Our Aftercare Program includes weekly group meetings on Monday evenings from 7 – 8 p.m.  for clients that were successfully discharged from one of our treatment programs and are looking to strengthen their recovery program.   [Click for more Aftercare]

Extended Care

Extended Care services are now being offered by our partners. These Chicagoland partners provide great options for our clients and provide the support they need while attending our Partial Hospitalization,  IOP or Aftercare services.


Our Family Program is an integral part of healing for both the client and the family.  We know family members frequently struggle with how to appropriately help their loved one and are often left feeling helpless, anxious and angry.  Within 24-48 hours of the clients arrival at New Hope Recovery Center, a member of the clinical team will reach out to the family members and significant others identified by our client so they can be involved and supported during the treatment process.  [Click for more Family Program]


Simply put, an intervention is the use of an experienced professional to help an individual dealing with addiction see what others in their life have been seeing for some time.  Typically, an interventionist is utilized to help convey these feelings and facilitate the process of change between the addict and their loved ones.  The goal of an intervention is to help all parties acknowledge the issue at hand, begin setting appropriate boundaries and start the process of long-term healing. [click here for more Intervention]

A Day in Treatment

One of the goals at New Hope Recovery Center is for our clients and their families to feel safe and supported during their treatment stay.  To help you understand what to expect on a daily  basis, the following is an example of what a typical day at New Hope Recovery Center looks like:  CLICKING HERE.  We find that our clients thrive for a variety of reasons one of which is providing a structured program coupled with a warm and caring environment.

Clients may experience triggers while in treatment so our staff is readily accessible to help them work on coping skills, recognizing triggers and early signs of potential relapse.  This allows our clients to be prepared and informed on how to deal with triggers, stresses and cravings when they return to their home environments.  If you have any questions regarding the treatment schedule or any of our treatment programs, please call us anytime.

Emerging Adults Program

Our Emerging Adult Program provides supportive programming for emerging adults – those generally between the ages of 18 and 26.  Emerging Adults face many major life changes during this time of life including identity exploration, self-focus, initiation of new roles, development of new social networks, increased independence, and decreased parental guidance.  Sometimes the life skills needed for a successful transition into adulthood have not been provided, or learned by,  the emerging adult.  Our Emerging Adult Program helps emerging adults gain these critical life skills and become educated about drinking/drug use to help avoid long lasting problematic alcohol/drug use.

LGBTQI Program

New Hope Recovery Center recognizes the unique addiction treatment needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBT) population.  Having a successful treatment stay means discovering what lies at the heart of the addiction.  Our supportive LGBT programming addresses a variety of issues –  all forms of homophobia, gender identity and expression, the coming out process, trauma, anxiety, depression, sexual compulsivity –  an individual can begin to examine the role of drugs/alcohol in their lives and develop healthier coping skills.

Help For Parents

New Hope Recovery Center understands the stress and worry parents have and we have geared our treatment to involve parents in the addiction treatment.We have also written a number of articles to help parents. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to share our experience.

Help For Family And Friends

New Hope Recovery Center knows that family and friends are an integral part of treatment. We also know that family and friends often have fewer resources available to help them understand their loved one as well as addiction and recovery.