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New Hope Recovery Center Reviews

New Hope Recovery Center Reviews

New Hope Recovery Center Reviews are comments made by clients who filled out a survey at the end of their treatment experience.

Entering into a treatment program can be very intimidating and finding a treatment center that is going to understand your needs, can be even more daunting! We collect surveys from clients once they complete treatment to find out how we can improve as a treatment team and facility. Our program is client centered, and the information our clients provide us on the surveys is the most useful data we can get in terms of ways to improve. We believe in the dignity and worth of each person, and we want to make sure our clients feel that while they are with us.

Below are comments left by clients:

“Could not have asked for a more caring/respectful/punctual/friendly/intelligent counselor!” 

“Your family program is one of the most fantastic things I have been a part of in my recovery.”

“I enjoyed every minute of my time here. I felt loved, important and provided with tools for the rest of my recovery. This is my only IOP experience, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else if you paid me.”

“Family night was so valuable to both *** and me, it really helped us to understand and communicate better as a couple.”

“All in all it was a great time. I will never forget the counselors, or my new friends at New Hope Recovery Center.”

“Everyone was very welcoming, warm, and comforting!”

“Enjoyed all the counselors, their compassion for us clients was amazing.”


New Hope Recovery Center is always striving to improve, if anyone has concerns about safety or quality of care we provide at New Hope Recovery Center, please let our Clinical Director, Jeff Zacharias know immediately (773-883-3916 or [email protected]).  We are also proud to be accredited by The Joint Commission and any safety or quality of care concerns can be forwarded to the Joint Commission.