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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At New Hope Recovery Center, we provide client-centered, culturally competent, holistic treatment utilizing evidenced based practices in order to address an individual’s addiction.  We recognize that addiction is a disease – chronic and progressive – which deeply impacts not only the addict but the entire family system as well.  We strive to guide each individual, including  their family, throughout the recovery process with the goal of living life to its full potential – free from addiction.

The lotus flower’s characteristics are a perfect analogy for recovery: growing from dirty and murky water, it eventually reaches the surface and with the sun, becomes a beautiful flower. We all come from somewhere and without our past – we wouldn’t be who we are today. Recovery can be your sun – and will help you aspire and grow to your full potential!

New Hope Recovery Center’s Core Values:

  • Treat clients with dignity and worth
  • Provide compassion to everyone we are in contact with
  • Give back to the community
  • Stay open minded to new ideas