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Intervention Information

Intervention Information

What is an Intervention?

Simply put, an intervention is the use of an experienced professional to help an individual dealing with addiction see what others in their life have been seeing for some time. Typically, an interventionist is utilized to help convey these feelings and facilitate the process of change between the addict and their loved ones.   The goal of an intervention is to help all parties acknowledge the issue at hand, begin setting appropriate boundaries and start the process of long-term healing.

When is an intervention necessary?

An intervention may be necessary if an addict is in denial related to their addiction, has any reservations related to going into treatment or getting help, or is resistant to hearing what their families are saying.  Not being open to the idea of treatment is common with addicts so an intervention can help them see life in a new light and make them more receptive to the idea of getting help. There are times when the addict doesn’t take the help being offered and it might appear that the intervention was a failure.  The fact is that a dialogue has begun between all parties and change is inevitable as a result of that conversation.  While an intervention is not always necessary, it is life changing for all regardless of what the addict decides.

How New Hope Recovery Center Can Help

There are times when an intervention is a needed and critical part of someone’s recovery. Whether it be hearing what a family has been feeling and experiencing from a neutral source, or helping someone see the severity of their addiction, an interventionist is a trained professional who can help accommodate this in a safe and caring environment.   New Hope Recovery Center understands that this is sometimes necessary and is sensitive to the needs of families who are planning on staging an intervention.  New Hope Recovery Center has a trained interventionist on staff who will help every step of the way whether it be from planning the intervention to transitioning someone into treatment.  New Hope Recovery Center is there to help all parties heal to a happier and healthier life.