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A Day in Treatment

A Day in Treatment

New Hope Recovery Center Group Room

New Hope Recovery Center Group Room

Full Day Treatment – Partial Hospitalization

Many people enter treatment unsure of what to expect from the experience.  In order to ease that fear,  we have provided an example of a typical schedule to provide an idea of what life is like on a day to day basis for our clients. Some clients are able to live at home while attending treatment, others need to live in a supportive environment such as a sober house.

8:30 am Check-in 

Clients arrive at  New Hope Recovery Center  to check in and provide a urine screen or breathalyzer (if scheduled for that day).

9:00 am Community Meeting

Clients meet as a community to discuss environmental needs, community issues, individual goals and other general topics.  This is also a time for sharing the difficulties and successes of daily life in treatment with the community.

10:00 am Process Group

Process Group deals with issues pertaining to addiction and alcoholism as well as ongoing recovery.  Process group provides a time for the clients to process emotions they are having and ask for support from their peers and treatment team.

11:15 am Addiction Group

Addiction Group allows clients an opportunity to share with their peers, as well as with staff,  any issues they are having related to their drug and alcohol addiction.  Additionally, clients may share homework assignments with the group in order to get  feedback and support.  Another piece of Addiction Group is a form of narrative therapy called an “addiction history.”  This group allows a client the opportunity to share their personal battle with drugs and/or alcohol and is a powerful experience for everyone involved in the group.

12:00 pm Lunch

After a full morning, clients leave the treatment facility for lunch; some individuals like to eat at their residence, while others opt to go to a local restaurant with other peers.

1:00 pm 12-Step Orientation

Volunteers from local 12-step meetings give an overview of what clients can expect from meetings as well as from the recovery community at large.  Clients who have completed treatment usually report that these integrative groups made an important difference in their recovery.  Connecting with other recovering people gives our clients a unique opportunity to see how recovery works in others lives.

2:00 pm Workshop on Individual Topics

Clients attend a variety of workshops on topics ranging anywhere from anger to shame/guilt to grief/loss to medical issues related to the use of drugs/alcohol.  These are interactive lectures with room provided for personal reflection and discussion throughout.

3:00 pm Counseling/Homework

This time is allotted for 1:1 work with an individual counselor or for clients to complete work assigned to them by their individual counselors. Through individual counseling, clients have the opportunity to explore more deeply those issues that will impact their long-term recovery from addiction.

4:00 pm Wrap – Up

Clients review their experience of the day and safety plan the remainder of the night.

Other days  activities may include: Yoga, Art Therapy, Medical Education Group, Family sessions, Bridge group, Gender Specific groups, and 11th step meditation group.