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Drug or Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Chicago

Seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction is often an overwhelming and confusing process.  Deciding to get help is a huge step, but can often lead to feeling  overwhelmed wondering where to start.  With so many options (including self-help groups such as AA, NA, CA, CMA, etc.) available, it can seem like a daunting task.

Many people are urged by a family member or doctor to get treatment for their alcohol or drug use.  Some are mandated by the courts and still others decide to get help completely on their own, frustrated with living out a pattern of compulsive drug and alcohol-related behavior.  Looking for drug or alcohol addiction rehab in Chicago?

First Step

It’s best to start with a professional assessment or evaluation.  Most treatment/rehab centers provide assessments/evaluations. From the assessment, a certified drug and alcohol addiction counselor can determine which level of treatment is best for you.


Generally there are several levels of treatment to choose from. Hospital-based programs offer medical detoxification to assist with withdrawal from alcohol and certain drugs.  After detoxification (or detox), the choices of treatment are based on the level of care needed.

Treatment Options

Rehab Services offered at New Hope Recovery Center include Partial Hospitalization Program.  This involves full day treatment while living in a safe supportive environment. This program is the most comprehensive level of care and is usually recommended for clients exiting detoxification who have a history of substance/alcohol abuse or relapses.  Intensive Outpatient Programs involve approximately 3-4 hours of treatment for several days a week.  New Hope Recovery Center conveniently offers both morning and evening IOP programming for maximum flexibility.  All New Hope Recovery Center’s programs involve support and involvement from family and friends with their weekly inclusion in the program.   An Aftercare program meets weekly for one hour and provides the support of counselors and peers for up to one year from successful completion of the treatment programs.

New Hope proudly offers its New Hope with Pride treatment program, which addresses the unique treatment needs of the LGBTQIA population.  This program offers counseling and particular focus on the issues commonly experienced by LGBT individuals.

New Hope Recovery Center provides individualized and comprehensive treatment for each client.  The intimate setting and personalized attention is ideal for clients with a wide range of needs, and all clients receive a high degree of individual care from New Hope’s experienced staff.

Treatment Considerations

When looking for rehab, evidenced-based treatment modalities such as the ones utilized by the New Hope treatment team have received the most success.  Some form of community support or involvement, such as 12-step involvement are also important.  Finally, look for ongoing aftercare and a way to stay connected with the treatment facility.  This has been shown to be essential in helping clients from all walks of life achieve lasting recovery from all forms of addiction.

Written by: New Hope Recovery Center