At New Hope Recovery Center, we provide client-centered, culturally competent, holistic treatment utilizing evidenced based practices in order to address an individual’s addiction. Client Success Stories are the most beneficial part of being in the industry. We strive to guide each individual, including their family, throughout the recovery process with the goal of living life to its full potential – free from addiction..

Recovery is possible, you don't have to do it alone. New Hope Recovery Center is always happy to hear from alumni. Although the majority of the work towards recovery is done by our clients, we are grateful to know that we had a part in helping a client find their road to recovery. We are so proud of you!!!!!

Hi New Hope,

Things are going great, I really couldn't be happier. 

The 2nd August will mark my 10 month anniversary and while the program keeps me going there is no doubt in my mind that New Hope started me down the road I find myself on today. 

The gratitude I have for your program and staff is difficult to put into words. 

Please pass on my thanks to everyone. 


Chicago Drug Rehab Treatment CenterWhen I first got to New Hope Recovery Center, I was no stranger to treatment. I had several attempts with inpatient treatment centers and detox units. At the time I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to be sober, I know I needed to be though. New Hope Recovery Center is where I learned “to want it.” At only 21 years old I was a daily heroin user and an alcoholic, I was not hirable and had burned up all but a few bridges with my family and friends. I sometimes struggle to believe how far I have come. My first 28 days at New Hope were filled with many ups and downs and a myriad of emotions - anger, sadness, loneliness, remorse; but it was during this time and through dealing with these emotions, I was able to see the consequences of my addiction to the fullest and begin to recover.  At the time, my family wanted little to do with me, but after several family sessions with my counselor I slowly began to rebuild the trust that I had lost. Most importantly for the first time in my life, I was starting to fully understand WHY I couldn’t use instead of concentrating on how I couldn’t use.

I remember my first day at New Hope and how bad I couldn’t wait for it to be over. However, by my 28th day, I was signed up for their Intensive Outpatient program and had agreed to stay in their sober living. During this time I attended AA meetings, worked with a sponsor and continued to utilize the treatment team at New Hope. New Hope’s unique way of Residential Treatment was exactly what I needed. I was living in a structured environment and attending treatment daily, but I was also able to go to outside meetings, find a sponsor and fellowship with others in recovery. It was during this time that I learned to want recovery.

After almost five months of treatment, I left New Hope Recovery Center and have been sober since, though sometimes I feel like I never really left. I stayed involved in aftercare and became a volunteer, chairing 12-Step meetings and sponsoring men in treatment. During this time, New Hope was still helping me stay sober just as much as when I was in the program. My life is filled with gifts today, all of them because of my sobriety. This month I celebrated 3 years of sobriety, I went back to school got a degree, and have been employed since. We learn in AA that nothing happens by chance, and I truly believe that ending up at New Hope Recovery Center did not happen by chance.

Chicago Rehab Lotus Flower New Hope Recovery Center"I nearly lost everything twice, before I finally found the solution"

      I spent 18 years of my life not knowing what my purpose was or who I was - I was just living.  I surrounded myself with other people who drank and used like I did. My house was always filled with others and I was never alone.  I didn't want to be alone to deal with my own thoughts, as I felt lost, hopeless, and full of fear.  Like many, I turned to alcohol and drugs as a means to cope with the way I was feeling.  This enabled me to change into whoever others wanted me to be in order just to fit in.  I never knew how to just be myself as my addiction took me to a very dark world.  I didn't care about anything or anyone, especially myself.  I lost many things that were important to me the first being my health.  I loathed myself so much so that I didn't care what happened to me.  My family didn't want anything to do with me nor I with them. I was homeless, my car got repossessed, my credit was shot, and I had no money in the bank. I was on the verge of losing yet another job if I continued to use drugs and alcohol.  I wanted to change and discovered I had to change or else I would either die or be locked up in prison for my poor decisions.

I decided to notify my boss about my drug and alcohol problem.  We both agreed that I needed help so I made the decision to take a two-month leave of absence and put myself in rehab.  I was given two choices for treatment centers in Chicago - one was located on the Southside and the other was New Hope Recovery Center.  I thought to myself, “What a perfect name? New Hope Recovery!”  That was exactly what I had been looking for - new hope to change my life, because the way I was living by my choices wasn’t working. I attended their 6-week intensive outpatient program, and then attended aftercare treatment for 6 months.  I was so eager to learn new things about myself and began to discover things that I never knew.  It was as if I had a new pair of eyes and ears and began to see and hear everything differently.  The staff and the counselors at New Hope showed me a new way to live.  There are no words that can explain the gratitude I continue to feel towards Jeff, Mauri, Abbey, Chris, and Janette.

I began to feel more comfortable attending and sharing at meetings.  I started attending CMA (Crystal Meth Anonymous) and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings regularly.  I gladly accepted service work at meetings when I was elected, I volunteered to make coffee, cleanup after meetings – basically do whatever I had to do to stay sober.

Since I've been sober, I found an amazing sponsor who has guided me through the 12 steps and has read through the Big Book with me.  I am very fortunate to sponsor two gentlemen who I am guiding through the steps and the big book as well much as my sponsor did for me.  With the wonderful help of Jeff from New Hope I was able to start a new CMA meeting at the very place I went for help.  I am now able to give back to others who are seeking the same for their lives.  I attend school full-time pursuing a degree in interior design, I work full-time, I attend meetings regularly as well as fellowship, I take care of my body today (going to the gym is my new addiction) and I treat people the way I want to be treated.  It’s amazing what recovery can do for you if you are willing to do a little work to better your life.  I am truly grateful for the life I have today and as long as I place my recovery first in my busy life, anything is possible.