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DUI Education FactsInformation collected by Abbey Haroldson Director of Finance & Administration at New Hope Recovery Center

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious crime.  Although awareness about DUI’s are becoming more prevalent, DUI’s are still occurring at a high rates.  The most recent data available from the Illinois Secretary of State is through 2011 and is as follows:

7 Interesting Facts related to DUI

  1. Males ages 21-24 have the highest DUI arrest rate (almost 5 times greater than that of all other drivers arrested for DUI.)
  2. Average Cost of a DUI conviction: $16,580 – (this does not include potential medical costs or compensatory damages costs)
  3. Nurses & Physicians are required and protected by law to provide blood/urine tests results to law enforcement if a person seeks emergency medical treatment as a result of a motor vehicle crash
  4. In 1958 the .15 BAC limit was established.  In 1967 the BAC limit lowered from .15 to .10 (The BAC was not lowered to .08 until 30 years later, which is the limit in place today).
  5. 85% of all drivers arrested for DUI are first offenders
  6. First time DUI offenders are required to have a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device installed in his/her vehicle in Illinois and 31 other states in the US.
  7. If a person is caught driving their car with a suspended license – they will have to forfeit their car to the state.

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Amount of DUI Arrests in Illinois:

2008: 48,113

2009: 45,946

2010: 41,900

2011: 38,704

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