Outpatient Treatment Illinois

People who have fallen prey to drug addiction have little to no chance of escaping its never-ending cycle of self-destruction using sheer will. As shown by the latest statistics, over 7 million Americans suffer from different stages of drug use disorder, with only 10% of them getting the treatment they need. At New Hope Recovery, we know that this situation is unacceptable as it is.

The outpatient treatment in Illinois is one of the best options people get at escaping the vicious circle of drug use. There are several stages that the patient will go through when beginning to consume drugs:

  1. Trying drugs for the first time

Some people try drugs as part of a personal experiment, especially when they’re younger and want to test the waters, experience the taboo. Others will do the same, but not out of curiosity, but because they need to. We are talking about people who use prescription painkillers and various drugs to keep chronic pain in control or deal with mental disorders, like anxiety, depression, and others.

  1. Resorting to drug abuse

Stage two generally takes place when people begin using opioids as means of having fun, countering their poor mental state or due to peer pressure, in case they are part of social circles where drug consumption is a given. Whatever the reason, the individual will consume drugs regularly, showing the early signs of addiction setting in.

  1. Full on addictive behavior

Passing from stage two to stage three can happen without any warning, and many patients will not even realize the situation they’re in only when it is already too late. At this point, the outpatient treatment in Illinois will prove to be an invaluable option for those who seek redemption.

  1. Resist – Relapse – Resist – Relapse

This is the repetitive cycle every drug addict goes through when it tries to quit using drugs. Trying to resist the urges will only last for a short while, because withdrawal will immediately kick in, delivering brutal physical and psychological manifestations, like vomiting, constant nausea, headaches, stomach pain, seizures and intense cravings. At that point, the addict will relapse, only to repeat the cycle at a later date, usually with the same success.

In reality, there is no other way of breaking this cycle than signing in with the rehabilitation process, where experts will deal with the entire plenitude of manifestations.

Returning to the sober you

People come to rehabilitation in the last effort of getting their lives back. The intensive outpatient program is their last hope of becoming productive members of society, as well as learning how to cope with addiction while remaining active individuals, keeping their jobs, entertaining their educational purposes and caring for their families.

The outpatient treatment in Illinois plays a significant role in keeping society safe, as well as aiding people to come clean and remain sober for the rest of their lives. Quitting drugs is a complicated process, but New Hope Recovery is here to support you every step of the way, no matter how hard it may be.

Outpatient Treatment Illinois