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Outpatient Drug Treatment Illinois When it comes to outpatient drug treatment in Illinois, one name is widely recognized as being a source of hope for the community. New Hope Recovery Center has an ongoing treatment program that is perfect for your busy lifestyle- so you can stay connected without interrupting work, school, or your social life. Outpatient Drug Treatment Illinois

Drug Rehab Montgomery County PA

Montco Recovery Center

Get connected with the best drug rehab in Montgomery County, PA. MRC offers cutting-edge treatment in a state-of-the-art facility, to ensure you have access to the right care. We treat addiction with individual and group therapy, relapse prevention programs, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the right coping skills for each patient’s needs.


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If you’ve recently been prescribed Lasix, you may have become aware of the side effects that come from taking this medication. There’s a safer, all-natural alternative to dealing with fluid retention and swelling. Swell No More contains no medications or chemicals and is very effective in addressing swelling, bloating, and puffiness- ask your doctor about taking Swell No More.

Diabetic Eye Care Roseburg

Andrea Gray
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Roseburg OR 97471 US

See Dr Andrea V Gray for diabetic eye care in Roseburg. Our practice understands the unique needs of diabetic patients- even patients who may be unaware that they have diabetes. We can provide early alerts that you need specialized eye care, decreasing the risks that are typically associated with diabetes. Andrea Gray

Neighborhood Pharmacy Ft Lauderdale

If you’ve never shopped at a neighborhood pharmacy in Ft Lauderdale, we invite you to see why Bailey’s Pharmacy is the locals’ first choice for medications, medical supplies, and services. We’re proud to serve local assisted living facilities, group homes, individual patients, and contract facilities around South Florida, offering free delivery service and affordable prices. Baileypharmacy.com