Outpatient Drug Treatment Illinois

The majority of the people know that drugs are dangerous for you, but they can’t explain why. They know it’s bad. However, one can never claim to have fully grasped the magnitude of the problem until getting to know the mechanism by which these substances function. At New Hope Recovery, one of our missions is not only to treat drug addiction but most importantly to educate people.

Being uneducated on the subject is one of the leading causes that fuel the outpatient drug treatment in Illinois with fresh patients every day, most of them young and inexperienced. In 2014, over 7 million people were experiencing drug use disorders in the US alone, with a significant portion of them also having drinking problems.

And this is not the single scariest number. A more relevant one is that which shows that only 10% of the patients showing signs of substance use disorder get the treatment they need. This is a worrying statistic, especially when considering that 85,000 Americans die every year due to alcohol-related problems, while an additional 65,000 die due to a drug overdose.

For this reason, the rehabilitation programs have adapted to the changes and now come with varying approaches, many of which wouldn’t have been considered of any use several decades ago.

The best chance you’ve got

Drug consumption goes through several stages, from mild to repetitive behavior to drug abuse and addiction, as the final stage. For those whose condition is more severe and constant supervision is required, which means that the inpatient program is the best option. After their disease ameliorates, the next logical step is the outpatient drug treatment in Illinois.

This stage will differ by the fact that the patient will no longer require 24/7 supervision, making hospitalization unnecessary. Instead, the individual will participate in rehabilitation sessions several times a week, with regular drug testing, to make sure he stays clean. And that’s not all because the outpatient stage is meant to open new doors to the rehab program. The fact that it will go beyond the walls of the institution suggests that the process has now changed.

The benefits include:

  • Expanding the social support

The patient will be free to join his family every day, instead of having to go through forced seclusion, as is the case with the initial stages of the rehab process. This means that family members can now play an essential part in the patient’s recovery by providing spiritual and moral support whenever is needed.

  • Promote social involvement

The goal of any rehab program should be to support people in their quest of rediscovering themselves. This is the only way they can become socially involved again, be it with their job, education or anything in between.

  • Anonymity is a must

People value discretion for obvious reasons, which is why every outpatient drug treatment in Illinois will consider anonymity paramount.

New Hope Recovery is one of the pioneers in the business, regarding how it builds the drug rehabilitation program, as well as concerning quality and efficiency. We are passionate and preoccupied with people’s happiness, and that pretty much sums it all up.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Illinois