Intensive Outpatient Rehab Illinois

There is pretty much no debate regarding the effects of drug addiction on people. We all know it is harmful, both immediately and in the future, just as we know that the addictive behavior will affect more people than just the patient. For these reasons, we, at New Hope Recovery, have developed some of the most effective rehabilitation treatments in the business, built with the specific purpose of eliminating addiction and restore the patient’s psychological and social functioning.

The intensive outpatient rehab in Illinois is the epitome of years of experience, and it is only one aspect of the entire rehabilitation system that the patient will have to go through. This system will use a multi-approach to analyze the patient’s condition, and the treatment has to go through several distinct stages.

These include:

  1. Signing the patient in the inpatient treatment
  2. The initial detoxification process is applied
  3. Treating the co-occurring disorders
  4. Approaching the patient’s behavioral and psychological problems
  5. Signing the patient in the intensive outpatient program
  6. Establish outpatient recovery strategies, involving meetings, therapy sessions, etc.

But, by far, the most critical aspect of the rehabilitation process is the outpatient program, which focuses on controlling the social aspects of drug addiction as well.

The profile of the IOP program

The IOP rehab program has been developed by specialists to deal with the problem of substance dependency while the patient has continued to remain a functional member of the society. Intensive outpatient rehab in Illinois is one step further down the line of drug rehab, and it aims at delivering several benefits, mainly:

  • Protect your privacy

Suffering from addiction can be psychologically devastating for some people. Social stigma can affect their self-esteem and may even cause them problems at work or in their inner circle of friends. For this reason, the IOP is essential in keeping everything a secret, while the patient can still enjoy the benefits of the rehab treatment.

  • Allow the individual to tend to his social obligations

Some people have jobs to attend to, others have institutional commitments or other types of social prerogatives, and the IOP schedule can be designed to fit their needs, according to the situation.

  • Allowing for a higher degree of freedom

This aspect is vital in the recovery process because it forces the individual to develop a sense of personal responsibility. Now there is no one controlling every aspect of his life, as is the case with the inpatient program. Now the individual is the one who will have to adopt significant lifestyle changes and come in full control of his life.

  • Building a community of former addicts in their area

People who meet during the rehab process will often develop friendships, helping them bond with one another and share their stories, their problems, and their joys. If those relationships extend outside the walls of the institution, that will be a huge plus.

The intensive outpatient rehab in Illinois shows that New Hope Recovery is not only interested in healing people, but also in restoring their private and social lives. In this context, quality is essential, and passion is a given.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab Illinois