People are more connected than they have ever been – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few.  It seems that social networking for the sake of connection isn’t enough anymore.  People need to be plugged into each other 24/7 and with that there’s been a proliferation of GPS-enabled websites and apps for the purpose of “hooking up.”  Grindr, Ashley Madison, and Scruff are examples of apps that allow you to find sex or drugs within minutes of your location. Cybersex has seen an increase in recent years due to the availability of just about anything to satisfy a person’s addiction.  So – how do you know if you’re a cybersex addict?  Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to help determine if you’re online sexual behavior is problematic:

  1. When you try to limit or stop engaging in sex via the Internet, do you feel more restless or irritable than you might otherwise?
  2. Do your attempts to limit/cut back/stop engaging in sex via the Internet not work?
  3. Are you preoccupied with sex on the Internet?  Do you spend an exorbitant amount of time fantasizing about sex via the Internet much to the detriment of school/work/relationships?
  4. Is the amount of time that you spend on the Internet increasing despite trying to set time limits?
  5. Are you using sex via the Internet to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, or worthlessness?
  6. Do you find yourself looking for more intense sexual experiences via the Internet?
  7. Are you dishonest with those in your life as it relates to sex via the Internet?
  8. Are you having increased financial consequences due to engaging in online sexual behavior – i.e. paying for porn, escorts, hook up sites, etc.?
  9. Are you jeopardizing things in your life that are important to you – school, work, family, and partners – due to your online sexual behaviors?
  10. Have you committed illegal sexual acts such as downloading/sending child pornography or hiring prostitutes?

If you find yourself engaging in any of these behaviors or you have concerns for someone who is doing these things, New Hope Recovery Center can help.  Please reach out to us at 773-883-3916 or via email at Written by: New Hope Recovery Center