Sober Community Chicago Rehab“I can’t stay sober, but we can” - a slogan commonly heard in 12-step meetings and treatment centers around the globe.  A statement filled with camaraderie and unity, this slogan underlies the importance of community in both early as well as long term sobriety. One of the key components of early recovery is developing a sense of community and in turn learning to ask for help.  However, this is sometimes easier said than done.  Most alcoholics and addicts have tried countless times to kick the habit by themselves - white knuckling it alone with no support and no structure.  More often than not, relapse is the end result.

Here is where one can begin to see the importance of community and reaching out to others for support.  Throwing yourself headfirst into a sober fellowship is the answer to this age old dilemma.  Not only does involving yourself in a sober community provide an individual with a sense of belonging, it also gives them a sense of accountability which is hard to find elsewhere.  Two of the elements that we have seen repeatedly strengthen someone’s sobriety are exactly that - belonging and accountability.

While it can be hard to explore the unknown, whether it’s a new place or people all the while being newly sober, it’s bound to yield positive results. No one needs to do this alone.  There is an entire community of people just waiting to help you.  Whether it is going out for coffee after a 12-step meeting or living in a recovery home, getting involved with a sober community is a crucial part of your recovery.

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